23 - 06 - 2022
Professional training is one of the key success factors in the drone show industry
It's no secret that the accelerator of success in any field is high-quality education. The drone show industry is no exception.
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Professional training is one of the key success factors in the drone show industry.

It's no secret that the accelerator of success in any field is high-quality education. The drone show industry is no exception. Companies providing technologies for organizing drone shows also provide knowledge at the first stage. But every company has its own style. Some give a booklet with the necessary information, others give access to a short training video and others conduct a detailed multi-day training on using the technology, as does the Drone Show Software team.
Since 2016, Drone Show Software (DSS) by SPH Engineering has helped businesses around the globe to start their own drone show services and manage astonishing outdoor shows. DSS provides a full set of technologies (software, choreography, recommended reliable drones etc.) and accompanies it with training for the future team.
The training program lasts for 3 days, during which future professionals of the drone show industry learn how to set up and manage a drone show, check drone swarm flight safety of the planned drone dance, demonstrate simulations of planned drone show choreography to decision-makers. The training program is led by a team of experienced instructors, drone show engineers, and drone pilots.
“We believe that in order to share our broad knowledge of drone shows and the business side of the industry, we must choose the approach to  each customer individually. In order to provide exactly the content that the customer needs most, we lead training online or in person, we also conduct hybrid training and are even ready to go to the customer's site. In many countries around the world, flying a swarm of light drones requires a training certificate, which we issue.” comments Artūrs Kālis, Engineer & Lead Trainer, SPH Engineering.

An important part of every training is practical flights with the drones in the field. Every part of the system is explained and the customer is guided through the process of running a drone show for the first time.
What can immerse the future drone show organizer in the reality of the process, if not the real management of the fleet?

The Drone Show Software team is open to socially oriented projects and is ready for integration with educational institutions that train students in the development of unmanned systems. Several educational organizations have already received Drone Show Software technology to teach their students on it. The DSS team is enthusiastic about the progressive development of the drone show industry and believes that involving the younger generation in the industry is a step towards new heights.
“We cooperate with several universities in the US, Taiwan and Spain, which use Drone Show Software in the educational process. Several more educational organizations asked us about the possibility of teaching students in 2022 how to become a drone show pilot. Teaching drone shows to schoolchildren from the first grades is the right way to educate future drone show professionals” comments Eriks Pastars,DroneShowSoftware Sales Manager, SPH Engineering.

Drone show hosted by one of our partner universities

The DSS team not only provides future drone show operators with professional full-fledged training. The DSS team also offers maintenance for new companies up until their first drone show. The team's strategy is based on the fact that it is primarily important to help the customer build a successful business, and not just sell technology and release into an “unfamiliar ocean” of drone shows.Therefore, the most important result for the Drone Show Software team is truly sustainable development in the market for each customer.
To summarize, the DSS team not only provides a full solution for starting a business in the light show industry, but is also ready to provide consulting for new market players at the start-up stage, from training to the direct implementation of the show. What does a beginner usually want? He wants confidence that he will be successful and the support of an older comrade. DSS team is that comrade for each drone show industry beginner.



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